Saturday, December 4, 2010

Giveaway Number One.

Hello Cool People. I am doing my first official giveaway =D. I found out I got a job so I can do giveaways. YAY lol. Okay so the giveaway has rules. You have to follow My twitter, subscribe to me on youtube, give me a shout out on your blog and or youtube. Like my katy perry contest video. and follow my blog. Here’s a link to my video that explains it all. 


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Library Haul!

Yesterday Was a busy day for me. I had to go to the doctors and a lot more BUT I had time to run to the library =D. I only picked up 2 books because of my harry potter binge. I picked up Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets, and Beautiful Darkness. I picked up beautiful darkness because I had it on hold and I forgot to cancel it. I came up with an idea about the harry potter series. What if I do a Harry Potter Book/Movie Differences? If youd like that comment in this blog post OR send me a youtube message! Thanks! =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I got a netbook!

Hey Guys, I just got a new netbook that has this cool Blog Posting Software buillt in, so I have a feeling I will be using this more often. Right after this I am going to do my Blog review of the Movie The girl with the dragon tattoo. I might do the girl who played with fire also, because I watched that last night. Now all i have to watch is the girl who kicked the hornets Nest. I am going to be depressed when The franchise is over. =(

Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter Movie Marathon Part 1!

Just wanted to update you's on what ive been watching/reading. Im reading the girl with the dragon tattoo and im watching nothing but harry potter movies till i finnish. I just completed the sorcerers stone and now im ganna start the chamber of secrets, BYE EVERYONE! dont forget to vote in my poll on the left-hand side of my page..THANKS!<3

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud Book Review

Charlie St.Cloud
Ben Sherwood


I absolutely LOVED this book. This book was originally titled The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud. I read the Paperback movie version.I liked the cover better. (=P) It starts out with a man named Floria telling his story about miracles and how many he's seen during his lifetime. Than he goes on to tell us about Charlie and Sam St.Cloud.  Charlie was driving underage and he crashed and that took Sams' life. We cut to 13 years later and we find out that Charlie is living in the graveyard where his brother is buried, and he can see him. Every night they play baseball in the woods by the graveyard. If Charlie does not get there by dusk, Sam will move on into heaven. For 13 Years, Charlie never missed a night. He's working one day when he meets Tess Carrol, a woman who's training for a solo sail around the world. He takes her out on a date and things go from there. The ending is very good. Something happens and it turns into a life or death situation. The book was a very emotional story towards the end. Let's not forget Romantic. I loved it as much as The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks. I loved this novel so so so much. I can't express it in words. So definitely 5 stars! The Movie review should be up soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday swap!

go there and sign up for the holiday swap. this is my first year doing it, and i think it is an amazing idea for all us book lovers<3. So go sign up, and who knows you might get me to swap with ;).

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I need to get crackin on this blog!

I havnt posted on here in ages!! Ill be posting alot more now that tomorow is NANOWRIMO WOOT WOOT! whos doing it with me? Leave ur links in the comments and ill be sure to add you. I wish everyone the best on there nano story, so thanks for sticking with me on this blog, and if anyone from youtube is watching, I love you all! Thank you for subscribing, I never thought id reach five subscribers and now i have 69(Dont laugh). But yeah, You are all amazing!  Thanks for watching/reading! Follow/Subscribe....Love Yas!

And also Check out these fantastic people on youtube... ----She like discovered me, if it wasnt for her I wouldnt of gotten so many subscribers!

Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm sorry that I haven't been posting on here as much as I would like to. I have been really busy with class and homework and stuff. I have been reading though. I did my video review of beastly on my youtube account ( Im currently reading I know what you did last summer by lois duncan. A review SHOULD be up soon, im half way through. And another update...I really want to become an author and everytime i start a book i give up because i just cant do it. I dont have a big attention span so it sucks. But i just came up with a new book idea, I am praying that i can stick with this one because it will be awesome. After reading beastly, the story hit me, im not going to tell much about it but if i actually write it, it will be amazing. So thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barnes And Noble

OMG, i HIGHLY recommend that you go check out the Barnes and Noble website. there having a HUGE sale. Books for only 1.99, 2.99, 3.99  most of them are hard cover. I'm getting a bunch tonight hopefully.

Friday, October 1, 2010


I know this is a Blog about mainly books but I just need to vent for a minute. Why is it that when you move, all of your old friends just drop you, like you're nothing. When you try to call them  or get in touch with them they ignore you. What also gets me pissed is that I moved into a town RIGHT over the bridge from where I used to live. It's not like I cant go and visit them, but why should I. THEY SUCK.

Another thing that has me extremely pissed off is dell. My laptop charger has broke internally for the fourth time since last year. and OF COURSE, im out of warranty. Therefore, i have to pay 59.99 to buy a new charger. Where the hell am I, a 17 year old jobless person supposed to get 60 dollars. Than they tell me that if I don't buy a new charger my motherboard will break and I will have to pay ALOT more than 60 dollars to replace my laptop. Where do they get off telling me that. Who do they think they are, APPLE?  Apple is one of the BEST company's out there. Dell needs to get off there pedestal and start taking care of there customers or else there going to start going to different company's. I myself am looking forward to getting a job just so I can buy a macbook. Macbooks are amazing. I have a shitty ass Dell Inspiron 1525. seriously, Dell sucks.

Sorry, I just needed to vent =/

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello There.

Hi, I know i posted ---> saying I was reading the ruins but while I started reading I discovered that there was NO chapters. Like how do you write a book with NO chapters in it? WTF? I count on the chapters as a stopping point. For example, If im really tired and I want to go to bed I tell myself okay 2 more chapters. How am I supposed to stop if theres no chapter? But what ever, I just found a book at my aunts called It's kind of a funny story, I might read that. I know they just made a movie out of that. The gay kid from my favorite show is in it so  I might go see that movie.  Thats all for now BYE!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Haul!

Okay, I Know I Usually do my library hauls on youtube BUT im sleeping at my aunts house for a few days and I dont feel like making a video. So ill just tell all you lovely people what I got on here XD. So I got 2 Books and a movie and I bought a game (I know this is a book channel/blog, but what ever!) 1.The Ruins By Scott Smith, Diary of a wimpy kid Dog Days, and The Collector, That Movie is FRIGGAN NASTY! but, madeline zima is in it and im a HUGE the nanny fan so ill watch it haha. The Game i got was Dead Rising 2- AWSOME GAME!, yous should go buy it... If any of you are gamers =P

Thanks For reading!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Safe Haven By Nicholas Sparks Review

Nicholas Sparks is one of the best authors of my time, in my opinion. The Is a story about a girl named Katie. She left her life and moved to a small town in north Carolina, Made some friends...Fell in love. Then her past came back to haunt her. With this being the newest book from Nicholas sparks and the second book ive read from him, i have to say he outdid himself on this one. This is ALOT better than the last song, and I am A HUGE!, huge!!! Miley cyrus fan. Shes one of my guilty pleasures. For me to like something better than Miley, you better believe it is good. It is a good Romantic story. I cried. I love in books being able to watch relationships grow from scratch, and not just Love at first sight. The love between Katie and Alex was real. It was a bumpy road, but they got through it. I Recommend reading this book. There is some sex in this book, so I say anyone over 16 can read this. Also, while reading this I couldn't help but thinking about the song Haven't met you yet by Michael Buble. This book is getting a 5 stars out of me, what about you?

Check my youtube channel for a review, its uploading now...

New Youtube Channel

I Created A new Youtube channel!
The New Channel Name is obsessedwithmovies93....Very Original Eh.

That new channel is all about movies. Movie Reviews. Trailer Reactions. Movie Hauls. and my Movie collections (Which I have A LOT of btw.) I Can't wait to get started on that channel. I will still be doing my current Book channel. Im Reading Safe Haven by Nicholas sparks right now and I am more than halfway through, so look for a review of that sometime this week. On my New channel I will be doing my DVD collections. I havnt decided whether or not i will be doing different videos for different catagories ( Comedy, horror, action. etc..) After I Do that, look for a review of the remake of a nightmare on elm street, I just finnished watching it. I still havnt decided whether or not I will be doing a movie blog... It depends on how well that channel does. So Bye For Now! =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just wanted to thank for making my new header, shes Pretty cool, you should go check her out!  Her Youtube account is

Friday, September 24, 2010

Crank Review

Crank Review.

       Where do I begin. This book is and always will be amazing. It describes the downward spiral of 17 year old Kristina. It starts out with her visiting her father. She meets a boy named adam and they fall in love. He had a girlfriend while he was falling in love with her. She caught them talking and chatting so she "Jumped" off a roof and was in a coma. While she was in acoma, they fell more in love. When she went home she went under with the drugs. She was a drug addict. This is a scary tale to everybody who has done drugs in there life, what if there life had turned out like Kristina. Has it? DON'T do drugs. Read this book and youll know why I am saying that.  I am going to be doing a normal rating on my blog. It is going to be out of 5 stars instead of 25 like on my youtube channel.


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