Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I got a netbook!

Hey Guys, I just got a new netbook that has this cool Blog Posting Software buillt in, so I have a feeling I will be using this more often. Right after this I am going to do my Blog review of the Movie The girl with the dragon tattoo. I might do the girl who played with fire also, because I watched that last night. Now all i have to watch is the girl who kicked the hornets Nest. I am going to be depressed when The franchise is over. =(

Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter Movie Marathon Part 1!

Just wanted to update you's on what ive been watching/reading. Im reading the girl with the dragon tattoo and im watching nothing but harry potter movies till i finnish. I just completed the sorcerers stone and now im ganna start the chamber of secrets, BYE EVERYONE! dont forget to vote in my poll on the left-hand side of my page..THANKS!<3

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud Book Review

Charlie St.Cloud
Ben Sherwood


I absolutely LOVED this book. This book was originally titled The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud. I read the Paperback movie version.I liked the cover better. (=P) It starts out with a man named Floria telling his story about miracles and how many he's seen during his lifetime. Than he goes on to tell us about Charlie and Sam St.Cloud.  Charlie was driving underage and he crashed and that took Sams' life. We cut to 13 years later and we find out that Charlie is living in the graveyard where his brother is buried, and he can see him. Every night they play baseball in the woods by the graveyard. If Charlie does not get there by dusk, Sam will move on into heaven. For 13 Years, Charlie never missed a night. He's working one day when he meets Tess Carrol, a woman who's training for a solo sail around the world. He takes her out on a date and things go from there. The ending is very good. Something happens and it turns into a life or death situation. The book was a very emotional story towards the end. Let's not forget Romantic. I loved it as much as The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks. I loved this novel so so so much. I can't express it in words. So definitely 5 stars! The Movie review should be up soon.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday swap!

go there and sign up for the holiday swap. this is my first year doing it, and i think it is an amazing idea for all us book lovers<3. So go sign up, and who knows you might get me to swap with ;).