Friday, September 24, 2010

Crank Review

Crank Review.

       Where do I begin. This book is and always will be amazing. It describes the downward spiral of 17 year old Kristina. It starts out with her visiting her father. She meets a boy named adam and they fall in love. He had a girlfriend while he was falling in love with her. She caught them talking and chatting so she "Jumped" off a roof and was in a coma. While she was in acoma, they fell more in love. When she went home she went under with the drugs. She was a drug addict. This is a scary tale to everybody who has done drugs in there life, what if there life had turned out like Kristina. Has it? DON'T do drugs. Read this book and youll know why I am saying that.  I am going to be doing a normal rating on my blog. It is going to be out of 5 stars instead of 25 like on my youtube channel.


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