Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Youtube Channel

I Created A new Youtube channel!
The New Channel Name is obsessedwithmovies93....Very Original Eh.

That new channel is all about movies. Movie Reviews. Trailer Reactions. Movie Hauls. and my Movie collections (Which I have A LOT of btw.) I Can't wait to get started on that channel. I will still be doing my current Book channel. Im Reading Safe Haven by Nicholas sparks right now and I am more than halfway through, so look for a review of that sometime this week. On my New channel I will be doing my DVD collections. I havnt decided whether or not i will be doing different videos for different catagories ( Comedy, horror, action. etc..) After I Do that, look for a review of the remake of a nightmare on elm street, I just finnished watching it. I still havnt decided whether or not I will be doing a movie blog... It depends on how well that channel does. So Bye For Now! =)

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